Guided Journeys

Restful Healing Sleep

This is a guided visualization journey starting with a gentle walk on a beautiful white sandy beach. As you watch the ocean waves in your mind, you are led through a progressive relaxation so that every muscle, nerve and bone in your body begins to let go of all the tension of your day. As the journey continues you begin to allow feelings of safety and love fill you up until you drift into a deep connection with a source of creativity and inspiration inside you. Within moments you slip off to a restful, relaxing sleep. 

Attracting Clients

You experience the energy of success.   You tap into sources of creativity and new ideas for attracting clients and increasing your business.   You utilize the power of your emotions to draw to you the essence of what you want: abundance and prosperity.

Allowing Miracles

Imagine for a moment you are in a beautiful garden, a garden of your own design and choosing.   And that you are safe.  Recall a time when you faced a challenge and a solution appeared from some completely unexpected source—almost like a miracle.  And overnight, the challenge no longer existed.  

Learning to Trust

Remember a time when something you were really fearful about turned out well for you.  What if you knew you were loved and cherished, that all good things were coming to you, and that all was really well.  What if there is nothing to do but open to receive.   What if you turned over your current situation to a wise and kind manager who will just handle it for you in the perfect way? 

All guided journeys are accompanied by music from Michael Hammer

Available as MP3s.   Please email for purchase information.